Spring Time

Spring Time 



Lemon Drops of Spring




Glisten, shine, like gloriously sweet lemon drops.

Deliciously warm sun, don't you stop!

Uncurl your petals and freshen up your skies

Lend me your scent,  as I pass on by

Show me your bluebells, sweet nodding perfume

Help me sing cheerful and watch as you bloom

Take me through woodlands, take me for a walk

Breeze your way through me,as we wonder and talk

Fill me with splendour, not troubles or cares

Into your garden, go on, let me stare

Liven your earth with a fertile explosion

Whip up my garden and cause a commotion

Turn up your volume of bird song and breeze

Let me kneel in your grass and tickle my knees.


Embrace me.