Drinking in Arid

Menopause - Drinking In Arid


Forlorn I sit, guzzling in temper and sobriety

Sad I stay, emptying emotion and beyond

Rest, I can't, my mind lacks equality

Balance gone, equilibrium restoration needed

Take from my soul that heralds languid softness

Bare my all when vulnerable doesn't cover it

Pine for my past skin dry as The Sahara

Pallid and with exhaustion, my head will not move forward

Time lapsed and knotted, moves me, where I don’t want to go

Mirror, who is the fairest?

Menopause says, not you, not now

Fragile and mournful, my youth descends to nowhere

Says you, 'be graceful its a time to enjoy'

Let you be the one with life’s moisture sucked away

Let in breathe in me, a new chapter of life?

Yet, lest not forget how we got here, to this new place

Youth will sit and accompany my maturity, together they will work

Yes, this makes me happy.I can hold on to youth this way