Bright bright shield your eyes

Sight Sight, lose it, as it fades, not yours, just mine

Imprinted, implanted, let your vision stay

We can see from our memory, but only this way

White stick tap tap. Smell the street air

Hands up clap clap, I imagine the stares

I Should poke my tongue out, and give them a show

Now I’m being naughty. Not their fault I 'm slow

Can you see me? Are you left or right?

I can hear your breathing, just a bit, if I hold my breath tight


Sniff sniff, like a mouse, nose up in the air

Beep beep, splash splash its raining, who cares?

Drops tap like pin pricks and slide down my skin

Over my cheeks and off of my chin

I want to dance, right now in the rain

No I can't. They'll think I’m Insane


Squelch squelch, see it, that puddle? I bloody didn't!


Pull pull, rosy, a dog of such care

She takes me to here and she leads me to there

She farts sometimes and they all think its me

I smile at her, I don’t care, let it be

My feet are all squishy my socks soaked right through

Oh no, not now, I need the damned loo!

Can't run, cant rush, Its painful you know?

Thank god for my special pants , I’ll just have to go!



Wet road and tyres come to a stop

shush shush, the door opens and on I must hop

I imagine their faces, some turning away, I get the urge to wave

Don’t do it, silly, just sit and be brave

flash my card, tap tap,take my seat

Rosie sitting all quiet at my feet

Are they looking at me? I don’t really care

No matter what I don't see, I am still so aware

Stop three, I'm counting right up to five , one more to go

Rosie will tell me, she'll make me move slow

She always does, steels the show.



Twenty steps later, now all warm and dry, I sit with my friends and we all cry, (with laughter that is.)


Bus journey is over, the driver was kind

That was eight minutes to feel what is blind.