Remember Remember

Remember Remember


Dandelion heads crackle and fizz

Showers of glitter raining to cheers

Burst on to blackness with speckles of white

Champaign glitter on a canvass of night

Whiz bang and sparkle, all eyes to the sky

Red, blue and green, explode whey up high

Scent of warm spice, red apples and toffee

Scarves hats and mittens, hot dogs, tea and coffee

Ohh’s ahh’s and clapping, flames whistle and flicker

Smoke fills the air, as the works, fire quicker

Work to a crescendo, the sky, what a show

Alive with electric, all faces aglow

Guy faulks is burning, his feet are on fire

Kids past their bed time, all yawning and tired

Gates close behind us, the streets we all roam

Bonfire night over, It’s time to go home