Voices, don’t answer, they fool you, you know?

My mind is so crowded, I’ll not let it show

Thoughts of a million, to many to sort

Cluttered with sorrow, a happiness drought

Overwhelmed with confusion, my head will explode

A White pill of magic, unburdens the load

A road leads to nowhere but sharp blades and rope

I path of destruction, no smiles and no hope

A heart filled with empty, mind locked in a cell

Struggles with sanity, visions of hell

Darkness and fire, alone all the time

Myself and my nightmares embedded entwined

Sleep is my rescue, it eases my mind

Where is the light, is there such a kind?

I can’t let it get me, I mustn’t give in

It waits to devour and love me with sin

I must take my powder and set myself free

I must remember, in my mind there is me.