Wedding Day

Published, issue 27 2015

Wedding Day


Tightly linked arms, our feet stride in time,

 On a path filled with autumn, two magpies a sign?             

Eyes shine like glitter, hearts beating a drum

Hands fit each other, souls skip and run

Entwined by loves trance, air full of song.

Forecasting forever, in life’s joyful throng

Strong hands, soft soul, gentle eyes shine

Come walk with me, in this life of mine

Up mountain, by stream, under sunshine and rain

Forest and field, mind ventured, love gained

Footsteps and heartbeats, mile after mile

Rhetoric with ease, warm hearts and wide smiles

Tender kiss lingers, tingling toes

Yours now forever, to you, there I’ll go

Gold bands and lace, white roses and spray

Satin and blue, I’ll throw my bouquet

Slice into layers, your hand over mine

Breakfast, eat with me, it tastes so divine

Dance for the first time, arms round my waist

Kiss you my husband your lips I shall taste.

Rose on my pillow, your head turned to me

Mr & Mrs for ever we’ll be.