Mummy and Little jonny



Leather gloves and short trouser

A field filled with poppies, how pretty they gleam

As bright as the sunshine that sits on the stream

Each poppy, a soldier, gun poised, head held high My husband, my darling, up there in the sky, 

Sad little Jonny asks mummy, why did dad die?

Which one mummy, do you think daddy is? That's easy my darling, he's there, so he is

You mean that one there, that stands tall and proud? That's him my darling, you shout that out loud!

Where is he now mummy, is he alive? You bet my darling, in our hearts, there he thrives.

When your heart flutters and the breeze moves your hair That will be daddy saying he cares

Why did he leave us, did he want to be a flower? No my darling, to save us, from terrible power.

Will he come back, will we see him again? Or will he stay in here and look after his men?

Of course we will, see that poppy, all handsome and swaying? I'm here little jonny. that's what he's saying

Will he grow next year, under our tree? He's everywhere darling, in the air and the sea.

Don't forget little jonny, your daddy's so brave He became a poppy and country he saved.