Silly Frog

Silly Frog


"Tickle you, tickle me, tickle us three."

That’s what the frog says when he jumps out of the pond and soaks me; splash splosh.

“There are only two of us.” I reply.  He just blinks.

“LOOK!”  He says, I do, up down and to my sides.

“You should change your rhyme. I say, I think he is as mad as a box of frogs!

“Sing to you, sing to me, sing to us three. He says and laughs.

He makes me mad, sitting on his rock, big smiling face pointed  up towards the sun.

“You should go back to your pond.” I say, the sun is getting to your head!

“Laugh you, laugh me laugh all of us three.”

Now I feel like flicking him back into the pond , silly, annoying frog!

“LOOK!”  He says again. So I do.

I look up, look down, look left, look right,  I see nobody else!

"What are you talking about, silly frog?"

“Mmmm.”  He says, pompously and jumps back into the pond with a splash.  He kicks his legs as he disappears into the murky depths

I turn to go back to the house and I jump right out of my skin.  Big smelly-dog Chester is sitting right behind me, I forgot to look behind me!  His lips are snarling and his sharp teeth are shining.

I see my cat-door, it looks far away, I see the path and it looks far away too.

I use my back legs to jump clear over the silly dog and propel myself up high. I manage to sink my claws into the bark of our apple tree. The birds all fly off on a panic. I make my way up into the under the shade of dappled leaves on a thick branch and stretch out. I smile at Chester as he saunters back to the house; he knows I am too clever for him.

He was right, silly old frog.

Not one or two but three, silly me!