The Plaque - Llangrannog

Shine bronze on our clifftop, beaming suns glint

For Frank ,who loved this place, theres a name, just a hint

In your heart let me grow , as you sit on my bench

Llangrannog , look at it , to leave, such a wrench

Dusty paths curls round our cliffs at high tide

Smile over beauty, with salty-aired pride

Exlpore wondrous seascapes, not potholes or caves

Sigh out your worries, just see, watch those waves

Show me your silver that lights up the sea

Mackeral sky nonsence, its dappled carefree

Bodies on sand, glowing bronze in the sun

Icecreams and flip flops, bare feet , off they run

Sit on me care free and see what you dream

Llangrannog you darling, enchantress it seems.