Where's the hole? there's the hole agape with with a view to the other world

Where's the day? Theres the day, escaping through the hole.

Wheres the sun? there is no sun, its covered by that smog

Wheres the blue? There's the blue on the ink of your pen

Is that the sky, no its not why?

Because there's a hole where the sun was?

Wheres the sun, it's long gone, look to your feet sand not soil!

where's the soil? its turned to sand.

What's that there? A mountain of spray-cans as high as the sun. what do you


Why is is there? because we forgot to care!

keep on your glasses and breath through your apparatus, because we forgot to


Why is it dark, because there's no sun.

Where did it go? I just went.


Because we didnt listen.