The Dancing Witch

The Dancing Witch

Oh No... It's bed time! I can hear the wind, it's making me feel scared. When the wind blows. Howl, growl. I know the witch will be waiting to dance and sway just outside of my bedroom window. My mummy's brushing my hair with my Mr. Softy hairbrush and it makes me tingle but I'm still scared. I’ve brushed my teeth and my pyjamas are on, but soon my mummy will switch off the light and the witch will be waiting.

“OK Thomas, it's time for lights out.”

My bottle of milk has made me all warm inside but I’m still scared. I don’t want my mummy to leave me alone in the dark. I know, I can ask for another story, that always makes me feel better. Oh dear the story has finished and time is running out, what can I do? I have an idea, I can make water come out of my eyes and then my mummy will rub my back until I fall asleep.

It didn't work, mummy says that I'm being silly and that there's nothing to be afraid of. But she doesn’t have to watch the witches shadow rustling and bustling outside of my window. The lights out and I’m hiding under my fury blanket, I'm nice and cosy and feeling dozy, but I cant fall asleep. Maybe I should tell mummy about the witch.


“No more nonsense Thomas go to sleep!”

My mummy's going down stairs, In can hear her feet shuffle shuffle. I don’t want to open my eyes but I can't keep them closed for much longer.

There she goes, swish, swish,sway,sway. Her arms are long and spindly and her hat is very tall. I think she must be wearing a dress. Screech,scratch, she's tapping at my window and wants to turn me into a frog!

“Aaaaah...mummy, mummy!”

Phew the lights back on and my mummy,s here.

“What on earth is going on?”

“Window... mummy... witch... get in!”

“Right, come along.” She is lifting me into her arms, I bet she's going to take downstairs to cuddle up on the sofa. Oh no, what's she doing? She's taking me to the witch. I'll try to get away, wriggle, squirm,but she's holding me too tight.

I wont open my eyes” I can hear the witch wailing and screeching. The curtains gone back and she's tapping angrily at the window. My mummy’s laughing, what’s going on? I think I’ll open my eyes just a little bit. Wait a minute, that’s not a witch, it's a great big tree with long spindly branches and rustling and bustling leaves

“See sweetie, it's nothing but an old tree dancing in the wind.”

My mummy says that trees are beautiful and we are very to have one in our garden. Especially a dancing one. Now when I go to bed, I listen for the tree swaying in the wind, the rustling and bustling sound makes me weary. Sometimes if the wind doesn’t blow and the tree is silent. My mummy says its sleeping, so when the tree is all quiet, I sleep and dream of my dancing friend.