Day of the Dead - Vintage Style Wedding, in Autumn?

Miss to Mrs Magazine, Nov 2015

Day of the Dead - Vintage Style Wedding, in Autumn?


What, I hear you say, A theme based on the Mexican Holiday: Dia de Los Muertos? All Hallows Eve – The day where the veil between this world and the next is at its slightest. The day when the souls of the dead of our loved ones are said to roam the earth?

Yes, absolutely! what fun, what a quirky way to celebrate, perhaps with a skull and rose inspired wedding cake. A purple haired bride and fake tattoo's for your guests, what a creative and vibrant way to celebrate your big day.

Themed weddings aren’t to every bodies taste but they can be done beautifully with a bit of imagination. Get your creative juices flowing and guest participation on the go. Stylish doesn't always come in the form a white dress and vintage car!

Imagine the bride and groom and mini vampire bridesmaids, photographed in full vintage ensemble, against a backdrop of Autumn leaves, wow! The colour alone would be to die for – pardon the pun!

For our zombie-loving human counterparts there are a million and one ways to incorporate 'Day of The Dead' inspiration, from edible skull name places to traditional Mexican tin ornaments. Gothic make up and tops hats – you might want a make up artist for this one to get the right effect. Even a dress with holes, rips and rags can be incredibly stunning!

A little care and thought can produce a visually amazing day to remember for all, and for those who need convincing, get them involved in the process. It can be great fun.

Turn up in hearse, or on a black stallion or a black motorbike. Or go completely on-trend and arrive in black taxi - a fully plumaged horse and carriage is another fabulous way arrive in style.  

Whatever your choices, don’t be afraid to go a little crazy, embrace it and have lots of fun!Create a day to remember, make your imprint – and lets face it they will remember!