Get me to the Church in Style

Miss to Mrs, 2014

Get me To The Church in Style!


Your big day is looming, the day you have dreamed of since you were a little girl. Time to slip into your floaty white dress and glide down the isle as a vision of loveliness. 


One question comes to mind: How do you make Your  'Grande Entrance' so memorable it's embedded in your quests memories for all eternity? Well there are several conventional and well less conventional ways to get you to the altar or venue of choice. For some the Traditional 'Wedding Car,' just doesn't hit the right spot. Its not quite memorable enough.


Some fancy a Fairytale Cinderella style Horse Drawn carriage, embellished with jewels and all the fanciful fluff,  while others prefer a slow  & graceful chic Limo ride. However the growing trend seems to be to wow, shock, amaze or at very least surprise the hell out of your wedding party.


Why not dazzle your guests with a glitzy Helicopter craft landing. or Rock up in a hefty but - very shiny - Hummer, maybe breeze in on a polished up Harley (beware wind and coiffures ladies!) A VW Camper seems to be a popular choice for a less formal and more Retro entrance, or simply walking barefoot and hand in hand with your partner is as stylish as any other method.


For the utterly bonkers but fun entrance you can hire a Del Boy style, three wheeler Trotters Van, hire a Tandem Bike to symbolise two becoming one - cliché but cute! Or plod your way in on an elaborately decorated Indian Elephant, plumage and all! The choices are endless.


 The one big rule is this;  Make sure your choice is absolutely right for you, Remember the start to a perfect day is your arrival. Make yours count!