I know the dogs bark, snarling, licking lips and tearing into flesh, I know it. What upon a blue moon does the retched thing want?  Again it repeats it's sinuous bark, deep and sinister, echoing into mind and heart, nagging  me to come out and play. Stupid mutt.  A thousand nights ago impulse made me play with the dog in my yard. It tricked me, wagging tail and fluttering soft fur and giant licks and stares with eyes that had no soul attached , only  fathomless black and a reflection of me.

Tap, tap tap. It's clever, its claws scratch at my door under a milky blue sky.  I hear it's growl, a low rumble. Impatient. Wanting to win, to trick. Wanting me to go and play fetch. I will not, beckon all it may. No descending into it's chasm of darkness and bloodied necks and  punctured flesh .

The mirror offers me in a pale light, veins creeping across my blood drained skin like a web of decay. My eyes dull and red, ache, and my tongue is dry, I am tempted, juice of  berry-red, thick as milk and iron rich. My veins pulse, heavy and fast, my temple throbs. I need it now. I walk to the back door I hear him breathing and see his lengthening shadow sprawl across my lawn through a small square of glass. I grab my cloak and point  my collar up, the silk cool against my ears, I tie my ribbon into a black bow.

I see its ears prick as I touch the handle and I watch the shadow uncurl and stand upright from beast to man in a heartbeat. I direct my gaze at the beast. He shoots lasers of breath across the night and clicks his neck from side to side settling recently moved bone. A trace of hair on the back of his hands still visible. He penetrates me and makes me cold. His mind deafening with terror.

“Don't, its Halloween, don't act like you don’t enjoy this shit.” He sneers showing his K9's are still sharp and flesh eager and  glint of moon.

“I don't as it happens, enjoy it, I am compelled to do it by your constant need to eat people and your constant taps at my door.”

“Fuck you, you practically fell onto my teeth with your,  please don’t' and whimpering sighs, you wanted this!”

I am furious as well as blood-hugry now and for a second am tempted to bite into his neck, if only he wasn’t tainted with the blood of a thousand sinners.

He grabs my cloak with a heavy fist and we jump through time, through space, through a hedge and to a castle, where a Halloween party offers a string of even-gown clad guests, to a garden littererd with the diagonal privets of complex maize. The perfect hunting ground.

I follow him to a girl in a long red dress, she  wanders glass ,in hand, swaying, heels sticking in the grass, she kicks her shoes off and  wanders towards the maize entrance giggling and burping simultaneously.

I have to watch he doesn’t get flesh-hungry to soon the blood is never as delicious after flesh is torn, I like to get first dibs.  He jumps through hedges mapping in his evil mind getting two corners in front of her. His breathing quickening and his teeth growing by a centimetre and to a razor Sharpe points. I make sure I’m right behind him, he's a scrupulous sod and sneaky with it.

“Stick to the plan, I want first bite, I haven’t eaten in weeks!”

“Why are you so bossy, if I want first I’ll get first, find your own, bloody food, hanging on my coat-tails.”

I jump clear over him and I'm on my girl in red dress, smelling of flowers and pine and I puncture her moonlit skin,  I'm quick, the warm fills me. I feel her body tugged as he pulls at her leg, gnarling and ripping off a foot. No finesse and no patients, he snaps off a leg with his powerful jaw, leaving fractured bone and the blood pisses over me.

Soon I'm left with just a torso, I 've had my fill.

He peers at me, wiping his lips free of ruby liquid and we stare at her beautiful face, she can be no more than twenty.

“Can't be helped old boy, we have to eat.”

He grabs my collar and we are off again, jumping cloud and fence and home we are. He saunters into his kennel and I unlock the door and let myself in.