Children's story - pre school - seven

The Dancing Witch

A children's bed time story - a competition runner up for The Academy of Children's' Writers in 2003


Complete Novel

The Bench

A novel opening

The Bench - part two

novel, The Bench, part two.

Flash Fiction


Halloween inspired blood-fest -with a comic slant.


A dream sequence, flash fiction

Short Story

Giant moon and Midnight Tea

A short story by Carla Day

White Envelope

Competition Entry

A Gaggle of Geese

A short story by Carla Day


A short sinister story for those who like dark-mystery and just a bit of gruesome!

The Machine

The Machine

Novel Opening

Walking With Memories

An elderly woman, who is battling going into a nursing home finds comfort, walking in the park, recalling the love of her life through memories.

Beautiful Insight

Fantasy, A realm where purple is the supreme colour, cheesegrater stations fire bullet trains. Sangians - think twice when you shiver. if you see a mole, you have seen one of them. If you have a nose bleed you are near them. Travel with me, come see my world?


Fiona a novel opening by Carla Day

Sunset over Glory

A novel opening by Carla Day

Outside The Ring


A novel opening - including synopsys


The story of a young boy and his pet Magpie. Chapter one - novel opening

Beyond Belief

Comedy - A nerdy I.T. specialist with a complete lack of confidence, take's it upon himself to go off in pursuit of confidence building exercises, in order to win the affections of Jessie, his dream girl . Hilarious, thought provoking and heartwarming.


Novel opening of an age old friendship that ends.

Novel opening chapter

Confessions - chapter one - The Bench

A novel opening by Carla Day

Delightful and Disgraceful

A comedy about a woman hitting mid-life-crisis and how she fights back at the world with awesome results

Magazine Articles

Writing and our brains

Article - writing and our brains


Winter Wonderland

A poem about snow

Autumn Trees

Colours of Autumn - my favourite seaon

Mummy and Little jonny

Poem for Remembrance Day




A poem on climate change


A poem about LLangrannog

My Grandmas Poem

By my Grandma



Wedding Day

Published, issue 27 2015

Wedding poem published in Miss to Mrs 2015 issue 27


A poem about depression

Remember Remember

A poem about the 5th of November


A short journey on a bus as a blind person


Poem about love


Poem about a newborn

Drinking in Arid

Poem about the menopause

Spring Time

Poem about Spring

Cowards Flowers

A poem of domestic violence.


Children's Story

Silly Frog

A children's story aimed at toddler - seven years


Get me to the Church in Style

Miss to Mrs, 2014

Wedding article - for Miss to Mrs Magazine

Reasons I write

The Newport Times

Article by Carla Day published by The Newport Times Nov 2015

Under Winter Skies

United Press Anthology, 2016

Under Winter Skies - scheduled for publication in the United Press Anthology 2016

Watering The Daisies

Scribble Magazine issue 69 - 2016 ISSN 14656361, 2015/2016

A short story accepted by park publications in scribble magazine - issue 69 spring 2016 ISSN 14656361

Day of the Dead - Vintage Style Wedding, in Autumn?

Miss to Mrs Magazine, Nov 2015

An article for Miss to Mrs Magazine - issue 27

Sit Com

The Dimmer Switch


TV sitcom - Novel plot?


Brendon Naicker a Biography by Carla Day

Available on Amazon https://www.amazon.c ... mango+tree

A deep look into the fascinating and inspirational story of Brendon Naicker’s life journey. Brendon’s accolades and achievements throughout his colourful life, which took him from his seaside home in South Africa to a new democracy in the UK, include human rights advocate, Reverend, political activi

Political Speeches

I am an African man with an Indian face

8-03-2016 http://brendonnaicke ... e/#respond

I political speech for a South African Politician


Music Explosion

https://youtu.be/7XbG5m7Mie8 https://youtu.be/7XbG5m7Mie8

This is a short video for a political choir in South Africa.


Amberliah & The Golden Rose

A re-write of a novel I wrote in 2002. This is the first chapter, brough back to life.